Thursday, April 11, 2013

Picture of the Week

Just Passing Through by brokendeathangel
"<< HOW TO READ: Follow the arrows people! You can do it!>>

So I wanted to draw Older!Kirk/Kirk!Prime because the 2009 Star Trek movie was lacking in the awesome TOS Captain Kirk. (How dare they!) Oh! And trying a different drawing style for the heck of it...

Somehow it ended up into this... this... thingy. >_>'

In my head, I think it would be so awesome if Older!Kirk did a search and rescue mission to retrieve Spock!Prime from the different dimension he's currently stuck in. Older!Kirk will somehow bump into Nu!Spock while searching for his space husba... I mean, BFF. No. Definitely his SO!... at the Starfleet base.

When Older!Kirk saw Nu!Spock all young and adorable and Vulcany-uptight, of course he can't resist teasing him by giving him a teeny-tiny, sneaky, surprise Vulcan kissy when he passes by him!

And Nu!Spock goes all "Shock!Blushy-blushy!Whaa?!" and can sense Older!Kirk's HUGE lovey-dovey feelings for... him?!

But then! Before Nu!Spock can react due to being distracted by Nu!Kirk, Older!Kirk sneaks off like the BAMF that he is. (Probably LOL-ing at poor Nu!Spock confusion. DAMMIT JIM!)

Thus, leaving Nu!Spock forever confused and... falling in love with...


OMG! THE DRAMAAAAAAAAA! And then a love triangle of some sort between Nu!Kirk-Nu!Spock-Older!Kirk happens. The fight for Nu!Spock's Vulcan heart between Nu!Kirk and Older!Kirk shall commence! WHO WILL WIN?!!

I DON'T KNOW! Lolololololololol!


SHUT UP BRAIN! Just..... Shuushh!


Ok... imma go to bed now. :iconotlplz:"

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