Thursday, March 7, 2013

Picture of the Week

Gold stands for Change by Arsillyd
"There are two Days in which the colour of Akash Dragons + accessories turn to Bright Gold. The solstice days of the year Which mark the change of the "sun movement". For Akash dragons, this is a very special and holy day, in which they celebrate the Change of the sun, and the close bound between other universes which is the closest on the solstice days. Because Akash dragons are very contected to different universes, their colours changes to into Gold. this colour lasts for a couple of hours, and at the end, to honour the sun, they create a golden aurora and with this ritual, the gold fades away into the sky. Akash dragons believe that this ritual is one of the many engines which give change and wind to the world.

... I'm pretty active lately ^^" actualy, the story I told above realy wasn't inside my head when I drew this couple of months ago... but I've just finished a coloured drawing, and was playing with some textures and settings, and suddenly, I got this crazy, awesome effect, and I was like, OMG!! ARSILLYD looks AWESOME in gold!! but since I'm realy bounded with the blue, I decided to come up with a story in which the Akash dragons sometimes changes colours!! XD I just LOOOOOOOOOOve fantasy!!

And so, the Solstice festives are born!! XD

it's realy bad that you guys don't see the original colours though ;-( cus, they're great too! I'll post the original version perhaps later if you realy wish to see it! ^^

alright guys, for a few weeks, I might not be around my acount (was that now a lazy rhyme??? O_o it's getting late) but anyhow, the next weeks are going to be though... and evry minute will go to school and other shitty things that I need to take care of. after that, I'll go with my school to Berlin! XD if there are people who want to say hi to me in Berlin within 4 weeks or so, please let me know!! that would be soooo awesome! (I do warn you though that my deutch is realy crappy!)

alright, nothing more to say!!

art: :iconarsillyd:
character: Arsillyd c Silke (me)
Time: 4 h
copyright: YES

you're not allowed to use this picture in or out deviantart without my written permission! do this out of respect for the artist! thank you very much!"

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