Monday, March 19, 2012

REVIEW: Restless Highways

Restless Highways by

Blurb from Goodreads: 

Venture once again into the world of darkness with these 23 short stories that are sure to make your heart race.  

Featuring Black Days And White Knights, a brand new never-seen-before companion story to Weaver of Darkness.
Arrival- What is locked away in an abandoned field?
Killer Idea- Where does our inspiration come from?
You Never Know What You'll Find- Anything can be found at a garage sale.
It Killed The Cat- Are you free from curiosity?
Fair Warning- Cassie has a warning to tell. Will they listen?
Campfire Tales- Where does your town's legends come from?
Confessions From An Apocalypse- How does the End really start?
His Dark Ink- Where did you get the idea for your tattoo?
Wet Work- Can beauty be found in anything?
Domestic Disturbance- Something's not right at Beth's house.
The Message- Can our words really affect others?
The Fall Queen- It's that time years again. Time to celebrate.
Cockroaches and Peeps- Beware of those who think they have less than you.
Where We Belong- Dani doesn't know where she belongs. Will she ever?
Forever- What would you ask for if you were nothing more than rags and bones?
Black Keys- Something's are just better left alone.
A Token of His Affection- Someone is looking to raise an army.
Go West, My Son- What if they start planning?
Hands of Time- What are they counting down to?
Misunderstood- Are we a product of our environment?
Coastal Offerings- Just another day at the beach...
Intrusion- What was that noise?
What The Fates Decide- We all like a good game when we're bored.
Black Days And White Knights- A baby needs to be born. Can our hero ensure her safety?
My Thoughts:
An interesting anthology of stories that range from fearsome to simple tales of life. While covering an incredible amount of topics this book still manages to fit together with not a single tale seeming to not belong.

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