Monday, March 12, 2012

REVIEW: The Entropy Effect

 The Entropy Effect (Star Trek: The Original Series #2) by

The Starship Enterprise™ is summoned to transport a dangerous criminal to rehabilitation: the brilliant physicist, Dr. Georges Mordreaux, who is accused of promising to send people back in time, then killing them instead. But when a crazed Mordreaux escapes, he inexplicably bursts onto the bridge and murders Captain Kirk before the crew's eyes.
Now Spock must journey back in time to avert the disaster before it occurs. But more is at stake than Kirk's life. Mordreaux's experiments have thrown the universe into chaos, and Spock is fighting time itself to keep the very fabric of reality from unraveling.
My Thoughts:
I loved how the effects of time travel were dealt with and the way that the book had you exclaiming that you had remembered a scene that was occurring for the second time though for the first time for the character traveling.  Even more was the way that the character's interactions showed their thoughts and relations to each other.  I found this book to be a good indication of the canon that is Kirk and Spock.

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