Friday, January 25, 2013

Picture of the Week

Run, Shin 2010 by Shinerai
"So I hink this is my fourth Shinerai run animation. I was kinda doing them a year apart, but then I kinda failed and didn't do one for a while. Due to the loss of several hours of work on a commission, I haven't been entirely motivated to draw a real piece and saw a redline I did of a friend's run animation a while ago in my Photobucket. I decided why not make a new run for Shinerai, then!

I don't know what it is with me and run animations, but they're fun c: It's a shame I didn't finish my zyxmet one. I'm not overly concerned with how small the image is since this is technically a WIP. I hope to EVENTUALLY Detail it a little more and color it. But for now I'm pretty tired of drawing the same thing over and over again so I doubt it'll happen soon.

anyway, Shinerai are belong to me. downloading wont make it bigger.

[EDIT] I guess explanation on the way I drew it. There are several different types of runs in the real world, I chose this type of run since I imagine Shinerai to be more of a bounder than a galloper. He's got some pretty long back legs so I figure a lot of the power from his run comes from those throwing him forward, so I wanted a good amount of air-time though I think it could have used another frame. All and all this animation is pretty slow and 4-5 frames more than I usually do for a run cycle, but I liked it and didn't really want to do the tweening I'd need to if I deleted a frame. So there."

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